Top Features

  • Dimension: 1500x300x980mm
  • Material: 2.0mm Japanese Imported SUS304
  • Top Cover: 12mm white, man-made marble
  • Arm Material: 10mm Tempered glass
  • Filling Panel: 10mm Tempered glass
  • Pass Width: 550mm
  • Drive Unit: Brushless Servomotor
  • Input: 100-240V: 50/60HZ
  • Working Voltage:24V
  • MCBF: 5,000,000 Cycles
  • Communication Interface: RS485, Dry contact
  • Operating Time: 0.2Seconds
  • Pass Rate: 35-40 persons/minute
  • Working temperature: -25°C~70°C
  • Max power consumption 35w
  • Photocells: 9 pairs
  • IP rating: IP43

Introducing the FERN360 full-height, swing-type speed gate, complete with full-height arms. This design effectively protects against intruders who attempt to climb on the arm and pass without appropriate access-control credentials.

With a brushless Servo motor, the speed gates work smoothly, without any noise, and will automatically stop at any position when detecting people. With 12 pairs of infrared sensors, striking or hitting, and unauthorised passing such as reverse passing, passing back, and tail-gating will be prohibited

Sensor Analysis - Analysis of people and other objects is performed with real-time processing by all sensors in relation to a variety of machine actions. Utilising these results, the gate can accurately control the machine core, indicator and alarm actions.

Convenient Settings - No longer totally dependent on the host computer or user-unfriendly keyboard operation, the operator-machine interface is enhanced by a built-in LCD screen and button setup, enabling users to quickly and easily query the system and set channel parameters. This greatly improves the user’s experience as well as the installation process.

Safety first: In the case of fire or power-off, the door can be freely opened to ensure unimpeded egress.

Various interfaces: I/O, RS232/485 and CAN interfaces, allowing convenience to control signal input, and provide a useful centralised fire control interface.

Two working modes: NC and NO, allowing the option to deal with peak or normal use.

Multiple control modes: Nine control modes enable unidirectional, bidirectional, free passage and authorised passage to fully meet individual user’s needs.

Precise positioning: Precise positioning is controlled by photoelectric sensors, ensuring accurate position after extended periods of use.

Indicator control: Three different statuses can be set for both front and back indicators (allow through, no through, and system maintenance). The indicators also show the passage direction and passage status (A to pass, B to pass, no through), which is convenient for users as well as management of the system.

Machine core control: The control system ensures coordination and synchronisation of the fundamental aspects of the equipment. The passage controller controls the machine core which in turn controls all of the functions, settings and parameters. Operation flow is the primary objective of the machine core, which is designed to be intelligent with superior consideration to safety and to allow smooth access control functionality
FGES-SGFHSL-600 Datasheet


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