Top Features

  • Dimension: 1400x185x1020mm
  • Material: 1.2mm SUS304 Hairline 400
  • Top Cover: 1.5mm SUS
  • Working Voltage: 100-240V,50-60HZ
  • Operational voltage 24v
  • Driver Unit: Brushed Motor
  • Passing width: 900mm
  • Operating speed: 0.2s
  • Passing speed: 35-40 people/minute
  • Communication interface: RS485/Dry contact
  • Card reader IC/ID/Barcode
  • Working temperature: -25°C~70°C
  • Max power consumption 35W
  • Photocells: 5 pairs
  • IP Rating: IP65

With a customer-centred approach, we aim to provide users with high-quality products. Our swing gate range is developed for high-end users, being intelligent, safe and efficient, high-quality, sturdy and durable. Combining industry experience and expertise over many years, a complete product solution is provided, and high-quality channel products quickly created. Our swing gate products are designed to enhance security and optimise manpower at your entrance points. Straightforward to install, these systems will provide you with efficient and elegant control of individual access to your premises. Our portfolio can be applied to a wide range of applications, such as industrial enterprises, office buildings, shops, museums, security installations, prisons, airports, railways, seaports, exhibition centres, ski resorts, fitness, and other fields.

Safety first: In the event of fire or power-cut, the door can be released, ensuring unimpeded passage.

Various interfaces: I/O, RS232/485, and CAN interfaces easily control signal input, and provide a convenient, centralised fire-control interface.

Two working modes: Normally closed (NC) and normally open (NO), which readily manages peak and normal use.

Multiple control modes: Nine control modes (including unidirectional, bidirectional, free passage and authorised passage), to meet a range of users' need.

Precise positioning: Photoelectric sensors ensure precise positioning of the gate, ensuring correct position even after extended periods of use.

Various status information: Provides operational status of each component including direction status, dominant status, and abnormal status.

Indicator control: Enabling convenient management for users, the front and back indicators are able to display three status (allow throughput, no throughput, system maintenance). Indicators also display passage direction and passage status (A to pass, B to pass, no throughput) which is convenient for users as well as management of the system.

Machine core control: The control system ensures coordination and synchronisation of the fundamental aspects of the equipment. The passage controller controls the machine core which in turn controls all of the functions, settings and parameters. Operation flow is the primary objective of the machine core, which is designed to be intelligent with superior consideration to safety and to allow smooth access control functionality.

Sensor Analysis: The sensor signal enables real-time processing and analysis of a person or object performing a variety of actions. Analysis results accurately control the machine core action, indicator, and alarm.

Sound output: Whether it is a normal or emergency situation, the sound output (in conjunction with light effects), can direct users to cooperate in a timely and non-threatening manner.

Convenient settings: No longer totally dependent on the host computer or user-unfriendly keyboard operation, the operator-machine interface is enhanced by a built-in LCD screen and button setup, enabling users to quickly and easily query the system and set channel parameters. This greatly improves the user’s experience as well as the installation process.

Automatic test: The system provides an automatic test function, which can test whether components are working properly or not

FGES-SWO900-2 Datasheet


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