Top Features

  • Dimension: 1200x280x960mm
  • SUS304 Stainless Steel: 1.2mm
  • Unlock time: 0.2s
  • Passage width: 550mm
  • Throughput rate: 35p/m
  • Power supply: 100~240v
  • Operational voltage: 24v
  • Max power consumption: 30w
  • Frequency 50~60hz
  • Working temperature: -25~70°C
  • Electro-magnetic drive DC
  • Input: 12v dry contact
  • IP rating: IP54

All of our turnstile security barriers are space-efficient, being compact in design, yet offering sufficient space to integrate any access control system. They can be mounted with a display panel, passage counter, card reader, token-operated traffic lights, command console, and/or alarm system against unauthorised entries. The unique dropping-arm feature provides a failsafe solution, enabling egress in cases of power failure or emergency evacuation. Durability combined with minimal maintenance results in years, and millions, of trouble-free passages. Our turnstiles create a secure environment and are used in a wide range of different applications including stadiums and arenas, perimeter and interior security, recreation and amusement parks, retail crowd control, transit fare collection and lobby access control.


  • Semi-auto mode: After presenting access card or ticket, the person manually pushes the turnstile arm until passing through the barriers and the arm reaches home position.
  • Full-auto mode: After presenting access card or ticket, the person gently presses the turnstile arm which will then automatically rotate forward under motorised power until the arm reaches home position.
  • Manual mode: The person pushes the arm by hand until passing through the barriers.
  • Single or bi-directional function in both manual and automatic versions.
  • Automatic reset of barrier arms after each passage.
  • Cable or wireless remote-control, key-panel, override control for emergency situations.
  • Automatic arm drop-down when power off or emergency.
  • Adjustable time-out delay.


  • Single passage in the set direction
  • Bi-directional single passage
  • Free passage in the set direction
  • Always free or locked
FGES-TTS550-2 Datasheet


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