Top Features

  • Adjustable Speed Drive (ASD) driven AC motor capable of delivering stable and smoother operation
  • An Adaptive Angular Controller that requires minimal to no calibration and maintenance
  • AC Motor integrated movement which boasts reliability while maintaining low friction
  • Green, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly design
  • Multiple Anti-Collision features
  • 3000 to 4500mm barrier arm versions available
ASD AC Motor
Traditional barriers use simple brake clamping systems to stop movements of the arm. Although it is simple and widely used, this type of system is detrimental and will likely decrease the lifespan of the product. To counter such a flaw, an adjustable speed drive is coupled with the AC motor allowing it to control the speed of the motor at a frequency of 1Hz during acceleration and deceleration. This makes it possible to negate any unwanted ‘stuttering’ that affects the gears and components, giving our product a longer operating lifespan.

Adaptive Angular Control
An innovative feature in our products is an angle sensor, which boasts a lifespan of 10 million uses, to achieve a stable deceleration of the barrier arm at 5 different positions. The software does not need user maintenance nor does it require calibration.

AC Motor Integrated Movement
By using an AC motor, we have successfully achieved a product that is easy to control, stable in movement, less noisy, lower in maintenance costs and highly economical. This is due to our unique and precise design in AC motor integration that has negated ‘stuttering’ effects that damage the integrity of the structure and gears, giving us a reliable and well-designed machine.

Normally Closed
Barrier arms will be lowered automatically when there is a cut in the power supply, thus preventing vehicles from passing through without consent. The arm can only be raised manually during shutdown.

Going Green
With an environmentally-friendly design, the adjustable speed drive has green, energy-efficient technology that reduces energy wastage caused by excessive friction and CPU heat. Compared to traditional barriers on the market, our products are capable of saving up to 80% or more on energy consumption during idle time, which is beneficial for any Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) system the user wishes to utilise.

Sensitive (HVD) Coil detectors in the controller module are designed to stop the arm from lowering when vehicles are passing through, and to automatically lower the arm after the vehicle has safely passed through. Users may choose to install infrared sensors to increase the level of safety between barriers and vehicles.

Weather-Resistant Structure
The barrier operator housing is constructed from galvanised steel plates, covered with a layer of superior quality paint which is guaranteed to last under exposure to sunlight. It is also made from material that is safe for the environment in accordance with RoHS standards. The components within are protected from electrostasis, allowing them to function in harsh conditions such as negative 40 Celsius.
Datasheet Orange Vehicle Barrier


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