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FERN360  FGSIP-C5TMVA-2812 5MP Turret Network Security Camera Starlight motorised varifocal zoom lens 2

Super Starlight Cameras

FERN360 Super Starlight technology. Incorporates the FERN360 highly sensitive star-level sensor, in combination with time and space bilateral noise reduction technology. Provides excellent image quality without trailing, even in illumination conditions as low as 0.001 lux.

Full Height Speedgate

New Arrival
Introducing the FERN360 full-height, swing-type speed gate, complete with full-height arms. This design effectively protects against intruders who attempt to climb on the arm and pass without appropriate access-control credentials.

With a brushless Servo motor, the speed gates work smoothly, without any noise, and will automatically stop at any position when detecting people. With 12 pairs of infrared sensors, striking or hitting, and unauthorised passing such as reverse passing, passing back, and tail-gating will be prohibited.

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“Bruce and his team are highly respected in the security industry and provide value in their service delivery. Bruce is known for his integrity and is always a pleasure to deal with.”

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