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A comprehensive range of lighting products will be uploaded to our website in the very near future

FERN360 offers a wide range of light products for various applications. Here's a breakdown of the light range they provide, including pool lights, outdoor lights, and accessories:

  • LED SM Pool Light: This is a pool light specifically designed for small pools. It uses LED technology to provide efficient and vibrant lighting for the pool.
  • LED Par56 Pool Light: The Par56 Pool Light is a popular choice for larger pools. It offers powerful illumination and is compatible with Par56 light fixtures commonly used in pool installations.
  • LED Underwater Light: These lights are designed to be installed underwater, providing an enchanting illumination effect. They are commonly used in pools, ponds, and other water features.
  • LED Inground Light: Inground lights are typically installed flush with the ground to provide subtle and stylish lighting for pathways, driveways, and outdoor areas. FERN360 offers LED versions of these lights.
  • E27 LED Pool Light: This type of pool light is designed to fit into standard E27 lamp holders, making it easy to retrofit existing pool lighting systems with energy-efficient LED technology.
  • Recessed LED Pool Light: Recessed pool lights are installed into the walls or floor of the pool, creating a sleek and streamlined lighting effect. FERN360 offers LED options for this type of installation.
  • LED Fountain Light: These lights are specifically designed for use in fountains, providing vibrant and colorful illumination to enhance the visual appeal of water features.
  • LED Garden Light: FERN360 offers LED garden lights that can be used to illuminate outdoor landscapes, gardens, pathways, and other outdoor areas.
  • Pool Light Accessories: FERN360 also provides various accessories for pool lights, such as mounting brackets, transformers, and controllers, to enhance their functionality and installation.
  • Outdoor LED Wall Light: These lights are designed to be mounted on exterior walls, providing illumination and security for outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, and building facades.
  • LED Strip: LED strips are flexible lighting solutions that can be used for decorative purposes or to provide indirect lighting in various applications. FERN360 offers LED strips suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • LED Down Light: Downlights are recessed ceiling lights that provide focused illumination downwards. FERN360 offers LED versions of these lights for efficient and energy-saving lighting solutions.
  • 2.4G Smart LED Light: These LED lights can be controlled wirelessly using 2.4G technology. They often come with smart features such as color changing, dimming, and programmable lighting effects.
  • LED Spot Light: Spotlights are used to highlight specific areas or objects. FERN360 offers LED spotlights suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • LED Floodlight: Floodlights are powerful lights used to illuminate larger outdoor areas, such as sports fields, parking lots, or building exteriors. FERN360 offers LED floodlights for energy-efficient and high-output lighting solutions.


These are the various light products offered by FERN360, encompassing pool lights, outdoor lights, and accessories for different lighting applications.


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