FGES-SWGP900-1 - FERN360 - Stainless Steel Glass Panel Swing Gate


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With a customer-centred approach this gate provides users with a high-quality product that was developed for high-end users, being intelligent, safe and efficient, high-quality, sturdy and durable. Combining industry experience and expertise over many years, a complete product solution is provided, and high-quality channel products quickly created.

With an extra wide passage width of 900mm, this glass panel swing gate provides comfortable and secure access for wheelchairs, pushchairs, large luggage and trolleys, ensuring easy access for everyone.

Fern360 swing gate products are designed to enhance security and optimise manpower at your entrance points. Straightforward to install, these systems will provide you with efficient and elegant control of individual access to your premises. The portfolio can be applied to a wide range of applications, such as industrial enterprises, office buildings, shops, museums, security installations, prisons, airports, railways, seaports, exhibition centres, ski resorts, fitness, and other fields.

Safety first: In the event of fire or power outage, the gates open automatically, ensuring unimpeded passage.

Design: Elegant and modern design, incorporating robust stainless steel body and transparent glass barrier. No sharp edges or exposed screws ensures user safety and security.

Mechanical structure: Optimised mechanical structure design ensures higher fatigue resistance and impact resistance. When the gate is working under extra high traffic loads, long-term normal operation is maintained.

Compact: space-saving design makes this gate the ideal choice for sites where available space is limited.

Whisper quiet, low noise operation.

Automatic reset function: If no passage is detected, the system will lock automatically in a pre-set time after the pedestrian has passed through. The passing time is adjustable.

Precise control and stable performance: The high-quality DC brushless motor and Servo control system ensure precise positioning of the gate and stable performance, improving opening and closing speeds, and throughput rate.

Various interfaces: Additional equipment may be integrated, either built-in or externally fixed.