FPAC-BC8 - FERN360 8 Out Lock distribution module, fused at 3A per Output, each Output selectable for FAI, failsafe, failsecure, Bus1 or Bus2


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Power Controller Modules
Expand the number of system power outputs controlled by the access control system.
Program for fail-safe, fail-secure, dry contact or continuous voltage output 

FPAC-BC4 and FPAC-BC8 power controller modules provide 4 or 8 relay controlled, protected outputs and 4 or 8 access control inputs. When used in a single voltage system, each individual output may be programmed for a continuous output or to respond to the input from the access control system. A fire alarm interface to over ride the access control system for control of egress locks is provided for each output. When used in a dual voltage system, each individual output zone may be programmed to operate with either of the two system voltages.

Product highlights

  • Listed for Fire Alarm, Intrusion, Access Control, CCTV and Mass Notification
  • Provides 4 or 8 trigger input zones for interface to an access control system
  • Provides 4 or 8 relay controlled output zones
  • Accommodates failsafe or failsecure locking devices
  • Provides fire alarm interface for egress lock control
  • Monitors fuse integrity of output zones and reports fault to host power supply
  • Status LEDs report zone activity
  • Each output zone is fused at 3A or 2.5A for PTC circuit breakers
  • PTC versions are low voltage, Class 2 power limited
  • Allow selection by zone from two voltage sources


  • Simple field selectable switch sets either 12 or 24V DC output
  • system minimizes installation labour by using board buss structure to eliminate accessory board interwiring
  • Configuration jumpers are colored by function for ease of programming
        - FAI

        - NC/NO input

        - WET/DRY output

        - V SELECT

      - FAIL SAFE/SECURE output



  • Expand number of voltage outputs in increments of eight
  • Add FAI functionality on a per zone basis
  • Add simultaneous failsafe & fail secure voltage outputs
  • Pre-punched cabinet layout allows expansion board additions with minimal labour