FPAC-BM8P - FERN360 8 Out Managed distribution module, class 2 power limited at 2.5A per Output


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Expand, control, and diagnose system power distribution outputs from network or internet. Receive local or remote reports on current or abnormal conditions via SNMP or email. (requires FPAC-BNL4 or FPAC-BNLX network module)


The FPAC-BM8 / FPAC-BM8P are smart power distribution modules that provide eight (8) control INPUTS capable of voltage or dry contact activation and eight (8) controlled and monitored OUTPUTS, with each output network programmable for fail-safe, fail-secure, fire alarm over ride, and AC loss over ride for egress lock control. Each output is also programmable to either of two voltages available when used in a dual voltage FlexPower system.

Each output may also be individually turned ON or turned OFF through a browser interface and the voltage and current of each output may be monitored via network or internet, and trigger points may be set up on each output to generate an alert when that output is outside of selected parameters.

Product highlights

  • Monitoring and reporting power systems for
    - Output condition / System integrity / Battery health
  • Remote diagnostics and service features
    - Eight managed outputs with system expansion to twenty four
  • Individual output monitoring and reporting of
    - Current draw
    - Voltage level
    - Power draw
    - Device ON/OFF recycling
    - Individual output on / off control
    - Remote power cycling control of external equipment
  • Email or SNMP notification on
    - Fire Alarm Interface (FAI) activation
    - Abnormal condition - per output basis
    - Over voltage or over current
    - Loss of voltage or current
  • SNMP set and trap notification
    - Version 1, 2, or 3 sources