FPAC-BNL4 - FERN360 Four port network monitoring module, managed


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Four Port Network Communication Interface for Remote Power Monitoring, Reporting and Control

The Power Network Link Module is part of FlexPowers’s power management system for security and life safety applications. Network Link module is part of FlexPowers’s power management system for security and life safety applications.

FPAC-BNL4 is a four data port network module that communicates and controls power status over a local or wide area network. The FPAC-BNL4 provides four SPI ports for connection to FlexPower devices that enables monitoring and control of the power system. Typical data gathered and reported includes operational fault status, power supply output voltage, battery charging voltage, battery charging current, and fire alarm input status.

Automated reports may be generated on any detected fault condition, battery aging, fire alarm interface activation, and event activation, or on a time base for scheduled confirmation of proper operation. A time and date stamped log of the past 1000 events is kept as history in a buffer and may be accessed as a scheduled report, or immediately on an alert or occurrence. The buffer is updated once per hour with all parameters in normal range.

In addition to four SPI connections, the FPAC-BNL4 provides two current sensor inputs, a remote temperature sensor input, a volt meter input, and a contact monitor input. The current, voltage, and temperature sensors may be given upper and lower limits to trigger an alert if the measured value goes out of range. The contact monitor input may be programmed to respond to either a normally open or normally closed contact or voltage presence or loss. Two outputs are also provided for use in power cycling external equipment with FPAC-BRB relay modules or interfacing to the FPAC-BC4, FPAC-BC8, or FPAC-BM8 modules


Monitoring and reporting FlexPower systems for

  • System integrity / battery health / output condition
  • 1000 Event Buffer

Remote diagnostics and service features

  • Monitor health and status of host power supply, battery set, and up to twenty four individual outputs* (*requires M8 module)
  • Auto-schedule or manual test and report battery standby time
  • Remote supervision of battery’s state of charge
  • Monitoring of internal cabinet temperature
  • Monitoring external room temperature with over temp alert
  • Remote power cycling control of external equipment
  • Time/date stamp system log reports of last 1000 events

Email notification on

  • AC and system fault conditions
  • Aging or drained battery
  • Fire Alarm Interface (FAI) activation
  • Outside Current or Voltage preset limits
  • External room temperature outside preset limit
  • External Event activation




Monitoring / Reporting / Test / and Control Functions

Monitored Parameters
Power Supply Output Voltage
AC Fault Status
System Fault Status
Fire Alarm Input Status
Battery Voltage
Battery Charge Current
Battery Age
Total Number of System Faults
Total Number of AC Faults
DC Load Current (system or battery)
DC Output Voltage (system and battery
Event 1 (user specified)
Programmable Functions
AC Fault Delay
System Fault Delay
System Install Date
Reset Fault Counters
Optimal Battery Charge Current
Reset Battery Age Counter
Battery Replacement Period
Temperature Probe Trigger Parameters
Control Functions
Output 1 (on or off)
Output 2 (on or off)
Event-triggered Email Alert & Reports
AC Fault Occurrence
System Fault Occurrence
FAI Activation Occurrence
Low Battery Occurrence
Battery Load Test Completed
General System Status Report
Scheduled System Service Due Alert
Battery Replacement Due Alert
Event Activation Alert (user specified)
Test Functions
Battery run time capacity
Battery state of charge

FPAC-BNL4 Browser Home Screen

Network Dashboard

  • Internal / external temperature sensors
  • Current sensor reading
  • Voltage sensor reading
  • Event activation condition
  • Service due report
  • System log report
  • Device on/off control

NL4 connected devices

  • One or two power supplies
  • Visual status of device condition

Report Screen

  • Set up screen
  • What to report, when to report

Configure Screen

  • Network, email, SNMP settings
  • Current sensor calibration
  • Battery life/capacity setting

Programming Screen

  • Set FPO battery charge current
  • Set fault report delays
  • Reset timer for new battery install
  • Reset fault counters

Tools Screen

  • Upgrade software
  • System reboot
  • System activity log