FPAC-BPV6 - FERN360 Power supply board, 6A/12V or 6A/24V


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Power supply board, 6A/12V or 6A/24V



Input – 120/208/230VAC, 50/60Hz

– 3.70 amp maximum Outputs

– 6A @ 12 or 24VDC

– Main output continuous or switched on FAI Input

– Auxiliary 1.5 Amp output Class II power limited

– Overload & short circuit protection with auto-restart Battery Backup:

– Built-in 1.5 Amp Fast Charger

– Instant auto-switch to battery on AC loss Supervision:

– AC fail, Battery fail, System fault (form "C")

– Low power shutdown when battery voltage too low Fire Alarm Disconnect Activation:

– DC voltage: 9 to 33VDC, 3 to 15mA

– Dry contact NO/NC

– Optional Fire Alarm latching Visual indicators:

– AC On, DC output, Fire Alarm activation